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Invest Your Spare CPU into Cryptocurrency

Coinstash automatically generates digital assets for you & grows their value by diversifying into more high-growth cryptocurrencies & ICOs. We'll even give your crypto-portfolio a kickstart with some selected coins, valued at $3.

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The New Era of Micro Investing

Coinstash allows you to invest with your computer's HashPower, not your money. The Coinstash app removes the technical barriers of digital asset generation, cryptocurrency ownership & portfolio growth through our one-click, effortless MicroHash Investment Platform.

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    Get the Coinstash macOS app & log in (Windows version coming soon).

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    Your computer's HashPower automatically mines cryptocurrency.

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    See your holdings multiply over time, as we manage your crypto-portfolio.

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    Instantly cash out via the Coinstash Card (February) or your Coinbase account.

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Making Cryptocurrency Mining Effortless

Our team built CoinStash with a few simple goals in mind: enable anyone to mine cryptocurrency and continuously maximize the crypto-portfolio value of our users. We believe that there’s an opportunity to bring cryptocurrency mining to the masses. Learn more about our mission and let us know what you think.

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Have any questions or need more info? Check out our FAQs section for the most up-to-date answers.

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TL;DR? No worries. Our team of experts are here to help answer your questions. Let us know how we can help.

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